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TWCF is a vibrant, modern church situated in the Tunbridge Wells town centre. The church is made up of people from many different nationalities, cultures, backgrounds and ages. I was asked to produce a new visual identity for TWCF, encompassing both the church’s vision and the concept of radiance. This involved producing a new website and stationary, and rebranding many of the church’s ministries.

After receiving the brief, I begun work by looking at some banners I’d designed for the church earlier in the year. These were produced in order to clarify the core vision and strategy in the new year to the congregation.


Looking back, I was fairly pleased with the font combination (Kelson Sans and Neris), so I decided to carry that forward. I also decided the orange would be a good starting point for the new colour.

“An orange color scheme speaks happiness. It’s a tropical color that is often associated with joy, passion and energy minus the aggression of red. Orange is a very friendly color, a warm color that is inviting and can be another very effective color for call-to-actions. Orange also has one of the highest visibility rates so elements that contain orange will stand out and grab the user’s attention and can effectively highlight important elements of any design.”

I performed some research, looking at how other churches with the radiant tag had chosen to present themselves. Most of these conveyed the idea of radiance through pictorial representations of light sources. The more successful logos had a more subtle approach, so I continued down that route. The first concept I arrived at was an evolution of the old logo, aimed at emphasising the ‘strategy’ of the church (gathering, growing, going):


This concept was appreciated for its thoughtfulness, but ultimately we decided it was too sensitive to alter the image of the cross in such a way, being a sacred symbol. Following this, I explored using images of the Sun and stars, and transformation. I was also asked to try many of these logos using a different name for the church, which ultimately was discarded.

twcf-02 logo-style-4-lptest

All of these logos had individual merits, but the theme that had the best response from the client was one based on light paintings:


I wanted to ensure the logo had basis in reality, so I spent an evening experimenting with light painting myself to get a better feel of how they are produced.

Following this, I reconstructed the original shape. I also used Photoshop to create a fake light-painting version of it. This was the final logo, approved by the client:



At the same time I was also working on a new design for the client’s website. The previous website had been highly valuable to the client, as many people had discovered the church through it. However, the CMS provider (Radiant WebTools) had recently launched a new version of their software, and the client decided now was the best time to redesign.

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