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In late 2015, I was approached by The Quest School for a complete website redesign, as their previous hosting contract was coming to an end. Their old website looked fine and had functioned pretty well for them, so I brought forward various design elements in a different context for the new website.

One good aspect of the previous website was its use of bright colours which conveyed an attitude of optimism and fun. I kept this palette with a few minor alterations, and used the blue as the primary colour for the website.

One complaint the client had about the old website was that in order to make anything other than trivial changes, they had to go to the hosting company, which they would then be charged for. I ensured this would happen less by opting for a modular layout with high customisability. Each module is then assigned one of the five colours, resulting in an exciting, dynamic experience from page to page.

screencapture-questschool-co-uk-info-for-parents-stakeholder-survey-1453213077924 (1)

Accessibility was key for the new website. The previous website had only the one layout, so responsiveness in the new design would unlock the best user experience for a larger audience. On mobile the site adopts a sidebar menu that remains hidden unless opened, with a satisfying interaction. Additionally, on desktop the submenu increases in height when hovered over to help prevent annoying menu closures:


I recognised that if users are accessing the website from mobile devices, more than likely they are parents checking for any news updates like school closures. As such, on mobile the news module is presented before the fold, allowing them to access this information with minimal obstacles.

This project was exciting and challenging. I learned a lot during the process, including the huge flexibility provided by the WordPress platform in conjunction with the Advanced Custom Fields Pro plugin. The client was highly satisfied with the new design, and the flexibility it afforded them.

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