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The FICC Markets Standards Board (FMSB) approached me in 2016 to create a new identity, materials, and website for their business. The purpose of the FMSB is to define and sustain good practice standards for FICC markets and raise standards of behaviour, competence, and awareness across those markets.

I began by exploring animal imagery after observing the trend in the client’s field. Using an animal mascot can work hand-in-hand with a mascot-based marketing strategy. After further research, I developed a concept with owls, as they traditionally represent wisdom and vigilance. I combined this rendering with a key, which is used in heraldry to represent guardianship, knowledge, and dominion.


I presented this logo as well as five other suggestions in a document detailing my creative process. The consensus regarding the owl was favourable, however the client asked for a softer, more abstract style, resulting in the owl below.


Although the client liked these logos, they decided the company could be mistaken for a wildlife foundation, which is understandable. In the original presentation I included some standard geometric logos as many financial bodies chose simplicity over symbolism, and with the attention turned away from the owl the client asked me to repurpose one of these, resulting in the following logo.


I had reservations surrounding the balance and palette of this logo so I repurposed the hexagons creating some overlapping negative space, representing openness by evoking a doorway.


Ultimately, the client chose to stick with the previous logo. However through the experience of developing their identity I learned a lot about putting the client’s desires first, and how to concede in these scenarios. Since finalising the logo I have received praise from both involved and independent parties, which has taught me to accept when my opinion could be wrong. Overall I have greatly enjoyed developing FMSB’s identity and hopefully I have become a better designer through it.

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